Клуб "Пятый океан" - дни активности , посвященный 45-летию полета космического корабля "Союз-Аполлон" 11-19 июля 2020 г.

45th anniversary of the flight of Soyuz-Apollo

The position of the day’s activity to the 45th anniversary of joint space flight of the Soviet and American crews of the Soyuz – Apollo

Amateur radio club-aviators “Fifth Ocean” from July 11 to July 19, 2020, spends his days of activity devoted to 45-anniversary of joint space flight of the Soviet and American crews of the Soyuz – Apollo.

15 July 1975 launch of the spacecraft “Soyuz-19” in the USSR and Apollo in the United States began the first in history joint space flight of the representatives of different countries.

Immediately after the launch of the first artificial satellites began contacts between Soviet and American scientists in the field of space exploration At that time, they were limited mainly to the exchange of the obtained scientific results at various international conferences and symposia. A shift towards the development and deepening of U.S.-Soviet cooperation in space exploration started in 1970-1971 when he held a series of meetings of scientists and technical experts of both countries.

6 April 1972 outcome document of the meeting of representatives of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the National office for Aeronautics and space research (NASA) was put to practical pilot project “Apollo-Soyuz” (EPAS).

24 May 1972 in Moscow by the Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Alexei Kosygin and U.S. President Richard Nixon signed the “Agreement between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States of America concerning cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes”, which was provided for during the 1975 docking of the Soviet spacecraft of the “Soyuz” and American spacecraft of the type “Apollo” in space with a mutual transfer of astronauts. The main objectives of the program were the creation of promising universal rescue equipment, improvement of technical systems and methods of the joint flight control, implementation of joint scientific research and experiments.

Specifically for the joint flight has developed a universal docking port — radar, or as it is called, “androgynous”. Spade connection was the same for both docking ships, allowing not to think about the compatibility in an emergency. Also solved the problem of the “General atmosphere” when docking.

In March 1973, NASA announced the crew of the ship “Apollo”. The main crew included Thomas Stafford (Thomas Stafford), Vance Brand (Vance Brand), and Donald Slayton (Donald Slayton), in duplicate — Alan Bean (Alan Bean), Ronald Evans (Ronald Evans) and Jack Lousma (Jack Lousma). Two months later, was determined by the crews of spacecraft “Soyuz”. The first crew — Alexei Leonov and Valery Kubasov, the second — Anatoly Filipchenko and Nikolay Rukavishnikov, the third — Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Boris Andreyev, the fourth — Yuri Romanenko and Aleksandr Ivanchenkov. It was also decided that each ship will be managed by your MCC (mission control Center).

15 July 1975 launch of the spacecraft “Soyuz-19” and “Apollo” has begun the final phase of the project. At 15 o’clock 20 minutes Moscow time from the Baikonur cosmodrome launched spacecraft “Soyuz-19” with cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Valery Kubasov on Board. And after seven and a half hours from Cape Canaveral (USA) launched the spacecraft “Apollo” astronauts Thomas Stafford, Vance Brand and Donald Slayton.

July 17 18.14 Moscow time (MSK) began the final phase of the convergence of ships. Apollo, before the back to catch up with “Soyuz-19”, was released on 1.5 kilometers ahead of him. Docking (touch) spacecraft “Soyuz-19” and “Apollo” was recorded at 19.09 GMT, compression joint — in 19.12 GMT. The ships docked, becoming the prototype of the future international space station.

The symbolic handshake of captains occurred in 22.19 MSK.

Flight confirmed the correctness of technical solutions to ensure the compatibility of the means of rendezvous and docking of future manned spacecraft and stations.

Today, connecting systems developed for spacecraft “Soyuz-19” and “Apollo”, is used by almost all participants of space flights.

Experience in the successful implementation of the program “Soyuz-Apollo” provided a good basis for the subsequent international space flight program the Mir-Shuttle and also to create a with the participation of many countries in the world and the joint operation of the International space station (ISS).

July 15, 2020, marks the 45 anniversary of this event, in whose honor Amateur radio club-aviators “Fifth Ocean” spends his days of activity from 00:00 UTC11.07.2020 21:00 UTC19.07.2020 From Bryansk in the air will sound a special temporary Callsign UE45SA, and also established a diploma “Handshake in space”, dedicated to this event.

Приглашенные радиолюбители всего мира для проведения QSO/наблюдений от радиолюбители членов клуба "Пятый океан" на диапазонах 1,8 - 28 МГц и УКВ.

Terms of the diploma of theHandshake in space”.

Regard for the diploma counted from July 11, 2020, August 11, 2020.

Applicants to meet the conditions of the diploma need to score – 45 points.

Процедура подсчета очков:

  • For QSO/SWL with radio stations operating with special temporary call sign UE45SA3 points;
  • For QSO/SWL with the honor of the club “Fifth Ocean” U4MIR, 2 points.
  • QSO/SWLс hams members of the club “Fifth Ocean” – 1 point.
  • Для QSO/SWLна УКВ и дальности действия 160 м к вышесказанному добавлен 1 пункт;
  • 1 QSO/SWL через cпутник или диплом EME.

Множитель для заявителей, в зависимости от регионов:

  • Россия, Беларусь, Украина, Молдова, Литва, Латвия, Эстония, Казахстан, Узбекистан, Таджикистан, Кыргызстан, Грузия, Армения, Азербайджан - 1;
  • Европа (кроме перечисленных стран) - 2;
  • Азия, включая радиолюбителей России из 19 зон (кроме перечисленных стран) - 3;
  • Северная и Южная Америка, Африка, Австралия и Океания, Антарктика - 5.

Повторяющийся QSO разрешен только на разных диапазонах и разных типах излучения.

Все виды цифровой связи (RTTY, PSK, MFSK, SSTV, JT64, все ft8 и т.д.) относятся к одному виду DIGI.

In the days of activity (from 00:00 UTC11.07.2020 till 21:00 UTC19.07.2020 g) points for QSO doubled.

Активистам, членам клуба "Пятый океан", выдается диплом с порядковым номером "А" в зависимости от количества проведенных QSO на сайте дни активности:

  • Диплом 3-го класса за 100 QSO.
  • Диплом 2-го класса за 250 QSO;
  • 1 класс сертификата на 500 QSO;
  • диплом "Магистр" более 1000 QSO.

The award is issued in Russian or English at the choice of the applicant or of the activator.

It is obligatory to confirm the QSO on the resource HAMLOG. The diploma is also issued free of charge in electronic form via the online HAMLOG.

Members of the club “Fifth Ocean” in the days of activity and after their completion, can obtain the diploma as candidates in a general manner. The validity of the diploma is to 11.08.2020.


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