Дни активности RYLC 5-10 марта 2023 года

RYLC Activity Days March 5-10, 2023

From March 5-10, RYLC Women’s Club Activity Days will be held to celebrate the club’s 4th anniversary. This is an opportunity to fulfill all of our diplomas, as well as the new “We’re 4 Years Old!” diploma. And on March 8, the day the club was founded, to get the diploma you only need to make 1 QSO! Don’t miss it!

Also from the 3rd of March we’re extending our popular diploma series “Beautiful women’s names! ” – Now it’s 53 diplomas.

Good luck with your entire diploma program and our diplomas!

Conditions for graduation

The diploma is valid from 5.03.2023 .- 31.12.2023. To receive it you must reach 100 points with helpers and members. On activity days from March 5 through March 10 the RYLC club members and their helpers give 10 points, on other days of the month 1 QSO = 4 points. Repeats are allowed on different bands. On club anniversary day, March 8, 1 QSO = 100 points, i.e. 1 qso is enough to do! Club members and helpers need to make the same 100 QSOsИсточник

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