Trans-Atlantic opening on the 40 MHz band – 10th Jan 2023


With the recent increase in solar activity, the maximum usable frequency across the North Atlantic is now reaching as high as 40 MHz. The map above shows the paths that were open by those using the FT8 mode on 40.680 MHz.

Signals from G9PUV on the SE coast of England here heard 5000kms away in N America as well as by receiving stations in the UK.

Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
WW1L 8m FT8 5010 km 14:28:14
VA2CY 8m FT8 5010 km 13:57:44
G0DJA 8m FT8 278 km 13:10:11
G8BQR/OWRX 8m FT8 214 km 14:43:00
G4FKA 8m FT8 190 km 14:33:11
WESSEXSDR 8m FT8 187 km 15:45:00
M1SLH 8m FT8 128 km 14:42:11
G7PUV/A 8m FT8 9 km 18:12:14

The experimental WM3XAN station in Michigan was heard in the Caribbean.

Txmtr Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
PJ4MM WM2XAN 8m FT8 3906 km 15:31:12
WM2XAN PJ4MM 8m FT8 3906 km 15:29:56
WM2XAN WP4G 8m FT8 3359 km 15:26:56
The current solar flux is about about the 180-190 mark.


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