On-air R110KWAU 13-25 November 2020

Volgograd radio amateurs spend days of activity dedicated to the famous “Kache”.

Callsign R110KWAU will be broadcast from November 13, 2020, to November 25, 2020, from the territory of the Volgograd region and is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Kachinsky Higher Military Aviation Order of Lenin Krasnoznamenny College of Pilots named after A. F. Myasnikov.

Kaczynski Higher Military Aviation Order of Lenin Krasnoznamennoe flight school named after A. F. Myasnikov – military flight school, which was one of the leading suppliers of military pilots for the air fleet of the Russian Empire, the Air Force of the USSR and Russia from 1910 to 1998.

With the assistance of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich, chief of the Imperial Air Fleet was established Sevastopol Officer Aviation School – the future Kachinskoye flying school November 21, 1910.

Kaczynski flight school, 44 years was based in Stalingrad, Volgograd, gave our homeland more than 300 Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, 14 twice heroes, 1 triple hero – Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin, 12 air marshals, about 500 generals, 12 astronauts. The famous Kacha, during the years of its existence, has released 16572 pilots.

In 1998, the Kacha flight school was disbanded in accordance with the order of the Minister of Defense Igor Sergeyev № 397 of November 6, 1997.


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