R1530IG On-air August 20-30, 2020

R1530IG On-air August 20-30, 2020

О каких социально-экономических реформах думает Иван Грозный с ...

From August 20 to 30, 2020 a temporary special callsign dedicated to the 490th anniversary of Ivan IV “The Terrible” (August 25, 1530) works from Alexandrov, Vladimir region (RDAVL-13).

This is one of the few historical figures around which a lot of controversy and myths are spread.

Certainly, the majority of historians, publicists and writers consider him to be an obvious “unprecedented”, in fact, pathological tyrant, despot, executioner.

There is no need to argue that Ivan IV was a tough ruler. Historian Skrynnikov, who devoted several decades to the study of his era, proves that under Ivan IV the Terrible in Russia was carried out “mass terror”, which was destroyed by about 3-4 thousand people.

But let us ask ourselves how many graces were given to Ivan the Terrible by his Western European contemporaries.

During the simultaneous reign of Ivan the Terrible, from 1547 to 1584, in the Netherlands alone, under the rule of Charles V and Philip II, “the number of victims … reached 100 thousand”. Of those, “28,540 were burned alive”.

The French king Charles IX took an active “personal” part in the so-called “Bartholomew Night” on August 23, 1572, during which “more than 3 thousand Huguenots” were brutally killed just because they belonged to Protestantism, not to Catholicism. Thus, approximately as many people were killed in one night as during the whole time of Ivan the Terrible’s terror! “The “night” had a continuation, and “in general, about 30 thousand Protestants died then in France within two weeks.

In Henry VIII England, 72 thousand tramps and beggars have hanged along large roads for “vagrancy” alone. In Germany, when the peasant uprising of 1525 was suppressed, more than 100 thousand people were executed.

And behind the obviously distorted image of the Terrible, many researchers do not notice the positive aspects of Ivan Vasilyevich’s rule. But there are also many of them.

Under Ivan, Russia has risen from the knees and has straightened shoulders from Baltic to Siberia. During his accession to the throne, John inherited 2.8 million square kilometers, and as a result of his reign, the territory of the state has almost doubled – to 5.4 million square kilometers – a little more than the rest of Europe. During this time, the population has grown by 30-50% and amounted to 10-12 million people. In 1547 Grozny was crowned to the kingdom and accepted the title of king, equal to that of an emperor. This state of affairs was legitimized by the Ecumenical Patriarch and other hierarchs of the Eastern Church who saw John as the only defender of the Orthodox faith. Under Ivan, the remnants of feudal fragmentation were finally destroyed, and without this, it is not known whether Russia would have survived the troubled times or not. Namely, at John IV church cathedrals of 1547, 1549, 1551, 1553, and 1562 have been spent, laying down bases of the church building of Russia. Inboard of this tsar there has passed canonization 39 Russian saints whereas before it (for six centuries of Christianity in Russia!) have glorified only 22.

On Ivan Terrible’s command, it has been erected over 40 stone churches decorated with gold domes. Tsar has based 60 monasteries, having presented them domes and ornaments, and also has donated to them monetary contributions.

The diploma was established by the Vladimir regional radio club in memory of the outstanding statesman Ivan IV the Terrible (25.08.1530 – 28.03.1584).

The new version of the diploma will be valid from January 1, 2020.

The diploma is issued in electronic form for FREE.

To get a diploma it is necessary to submit an application with an extract from the hardware magazine for at least 3 QSOs – one QSO or observation with r/station R1530IG (OBLIGATORY) and 2 QSOs with radio amateurs of the Vladimir region.

Diploma applications are sent to E-mail: ua3vlt@yandex.ru


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