Voronezh Oblast Activity Day for the White Bim Black Ear Diploma November 29, 2020

Voronezh Oblast Activity Day for the White Bim Black Ear Diploma November 29

November 29, 2020, will be an activity day dedicated to the 115th anniversary of the birth of Gabriel Nikolaevich Troepolsky, the most famous Soviet writer.

Voronezh branch of SRR paying tribute to the memory of our fellow countryman to the great Soviet writer, playwright, and screenwriter, the winner of the state award of the USSR – Troepolsk Gabriel Nikolaevich, who this year celebrates 115 years since his birth founded the diploma “White Beam Black Ear” (the most famous work and film of the same name).

Terms and conditions of the diploma

To get the diploma you need to gain 90 points.

  • Voronezh Oblast radio amateurs – individual stations – give one point
    collective (RZ3QWW, RZ3QWE, R3KGS, RY3QAE, and others) and special call signs – 2 points
  • Radio stations /p,/m working on activation of RDA, RNNA, RAFA, RCA from Voronezh region – 3 points
  • on VHF and 160 m range, when activating RFF (Voronezh reserves) – 5 points.

On November 29 (birthday) and June 30 (memory day) the glasses are doubled.

At the performance of a condition of the diploma only on VHF – it is necessary to spend 10 QSO with the Voronezh region, in the application should be not less than 5 correspondents, and communications should be mutually loaded on a site.

Any connections on any amateur ranges are considered. Repeated communications – on different bands and different types of communications. Digital types of communication – BPSK – RTTY – FT8 are counted as different types of communication, other digital types are counted as one type of modulation.

Voronezh region radio amateurs can get a diploma as activists or job seekers. For reception of the activator diploma, it is necessary to spend 1000 QSO and to load on a site HAM LOG.

For reception of the diploma as the applicant – on general conditions (90 points or conditions on VHF).

Activator diploma – separate numbering, with the letter “a”.

The diploma is valid for an unlimited period of time, the connections are valid from 00:00 UTC on November 29, 2020. The diploma is issued to the observers on similar conditions, on the basis of an extract from the hardware magazine, but all the declared stations must be registered on the HAM LOG website.

You can apply for a paper diploma by e-mail at ru3ko@yandex.ru. The diploma manager is Roman Alexandrovich Trunov, RU3KO.


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