Diploma program “Legends of Soviet soccer – Russian chronicle”

Diploma program "Legends of Soviet soccer - Russian chronicle"

Continuing the theme of sports, the club of long-distance radio amateurs “MILLER-DX-CLUB” holds the 3rd stage of the project in order to recall the significant milestones of the domestic soccer and the soccer players who have written their names in capital letters in the history of the Soviet sport since the times when our soccer was just emerging as a professional activity, was formed as a spectacle, made its first steps in foreign arenas, won fame and prestige at the largest tournaments of the planet.

We have something to be proud of! Gold of the Olympic Games in Melbourne and Seoul, European Cup in Paris, triumphant tour of Dynamo Moscow to England is victorious 1945, European Cups of Dynamo Kiev and Tbilisi, St. Petersburg and Moscow Army, pedestals of the European Championships.

Domestic soccer gave brilliant names to the world. Lev Yashin is the greatest goalkeeper in the world history. Eduard Streltsov, Valentin Ivanov, Nikita Simonyan, Igor Chislenko, Valery Voronin, Oleg Blokhin, Albert Shesternev, Sergey Andreyev, Rinat Dasaev, and many others are super masters who left their autographs on the soccer fields of all continents.

Gavriil Kachalin, Boris Arkadyev, Mikhail Yakushin, Konstantin Beskov, Valery Lobanovsky – these innovative coaches have honestly earned a name for themselves and their country. Nikolay and Andrey Starostiny, Valentin Granatkin – organizers of world-class soccer.

  • Start of the 3rd stage of the project: September 21, 2020, at 00.00 UTC
  • Completion: September 27, 2020 at 21.00 UTC

On all amateur bands, all kinds of radiation will be sounded callsign operators – members of “MILLER-DX-CLUB” and a special callsign – RJ20LF.
We invite all radio amateurs of the world to take an active part in this project.

During the 3-rd stage of the project, for QSO/SWL with radio stations of “M-DX-C” members, and also a special callsign, it is possible to execute conditions of a series of diplomas in electronic and paper formats: – “Legends of the Russian soccer!”, the Certificate of the participant of the project, memorable pennants “I am the Legend”, “Legends of the Russian soccer”, posters of the international level.

The series consists of 2 diplomas, dedicated to the performances of the Russian club teams at the international level.

To obtain a Certificate, pennants and diplomas, you must score the following points:

  • “Legends of Soviet soccer” – certificate of participation 50 points
  • Memorable pennant – “I am a legend, Legends of Russian soccer” – 600 points


  • “Legends of Russian soccer” – soccer club “CSKA” Moscow – 2005 points (2005, the year of winning the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup by the team).
  • “Legends of Russian Football” – soccer club “Zenit” St. Petersburg – 2008 points (2008, the year the team won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup).

Each QSO/SWL with “M-DX-C” club member radio station gives – 50 points, special RJ20LF callsign – 300 points.

For radio amateurs from Africa, North and South America, Asia and Oceania (except for radio amateurs from Russia and CIS countries), as well as for radio amateurs from the Far East (UA0C, UA0D, UA0F, UA0I, UA0J, UA0K, UA0L, UA0O, UA0Q, UA0U, UA0X, UA0Z) the points are doubled. Repeated QSO/SWL are counted on different CB and VHF bands, and on one band by different types of radiation: CV, PHONE, DIGI (all digital types are counted for one type).
For radio amateurs working on VHF (144 MHz and above) one QSO/SWL gives – 10 points.

Electronic diplomas are issued automatically on the website http://mdxc.hamlog.ru only on the basis of uploaded logs of M-DX-C members and a special callsign.

In order to obtain paper versions of diplomas, as well as observers, it is necessary to submit an application for E-mail: RW6LZ@ya.ru

Activators to get diplomas, memorable pennant, Certificate, poster in each stage of the project should spend at least 150 – QSO.

Conditions for obtaining a “Legends of Russian Football” plaque

The obligatory condition is QSO/SWL with – RJ20LF, and also 10 operators-members of club “M-DX-C”. For radio amateurs from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Oceania (except for radio amateurs from Russia and CIS countries) it is necessary to carry out obligatory QSO/SWL with – RJ20LF, and also with 5 operators-members of the club “M-DX-C”.

Repeated QSO/SWL on different bands DO NOT DISCONNECT!

For radio amateurs working on VHF (144 MHz and above), to receive a plaque, it is necessary to spend 3 – QSO/SWL with members of the “M-DX-C” club.

If you have any questions about getting a poster, pennant, diplomas in paper format, please contact RQ7L by E-mail: rw6lz@yandex.ru

In 2020 to execute the Certificate, diplomas, posters, pennants – the term has been extended until December 31, 2020!

According to the results of the project, radio amateurs from other cities, winners of the TOP-list (European and Asian part of Russia), who will spend the largest number of QSO with members of “M-DX-C”, will be awarded prizes and diplomas, the most active radio amateurs will be marked with diplomas from “MILLER-DX-CLUB” in electronic format.

Your result will be available on the “TOP” page on the website http://mdxc.hamlog.ru

The three most active radio amateurs – members of “M-DX-C” on the results of the 3rd stage of the project, will also be awarded prizes and diplomas of the club. In the subgroup SWL – The winner will be awarded a prize and a commemorative diploma of the club. Note for activators: at least once a day to load QSO on HAMLOG.RU.

P.S. At summing up for the definition of the Leader among radio amateurs from other cities QSOs spent with members of club “M-DX-C” working on the general call will be considered, QSOs spent by means of SKED, will not be considered! At equality of points (connections), the winner will be defined by the smallest number of connections spent by means of SKED and repeated QSOs.

We wish all participants of the clean air project, active work, and see you on the bands!


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