Diploma program “United Kingdom”

Diploma program "United Kingdom"

Charles Wilmott M0OXO, a famous QSL manager and member of many expeditions, announced a new diploma program “United Kingdom”, the manager of which he is.

To get this poster you need to have confirmed radio communications with all 24 territories of the UK at any time and any type of radiation.

The size of the poster is 230x300mm. The printing is made on the plates of mirror silver and white glossy metal.

Its cost is 58 EUR or 65 USD.

You can pay via PayPal charles.wilmott@m0oxo.com.

The cost of the poster includes airmail forwarding.

Scans or QSL photos are accepted for offset. And also screenshots from the sites LoTW and Clublog. e-QSL are also accepted for credit.

Applications and questions about the diploma send M0OXO. e-mail and address to QRZ.COM are correct.

For observers, the diploma is issued on the basis of scanned QSL.

The list of territories:

01. England G

02. Scotland GM

03. Wales GW

04. Northern Ireland GI

05. Isle of Man GD

06. Guernsey GU

07. Jersey GJ

08. Anguilla VP2E

09. Bermuda VP9

10. Chagos VQ9

11. British Virgin Islands VP2V

12. Gibraltar ZB2

13. Cayman Islands ZF2

14. Montserrat VP2M

15. St. Helena Island ZD7

16. Ascension Island ZD8

17. Tristan Da Cunha ZD9

18. Pitcarn Island VP6P

19. Ducie Island VP6D

20. Turks and Caicos Islands VP5

21. Falkland Islands VP8

22. South Georgia VP8

23. South Sandwich Islands VP8

24. British Overseas Territory on the Island of Cyprus ZC4

Learn more:  https://www.m0oxo.com/mw-dx-plaques/uk-regional-aw…

Learn more: Подробнее: http://www.dxwanted.net/index.php/united-kingdom


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