Activity Days of the Knights of the Sky Club December 12-20, 2020 for the diploma “Half a Century with the Sky”

Activity Days of the Knights of the Sky Club December 12-20, 2020 for the diploma "Half a Century with the Sky"

From December 12 to 20, 2020, the radio amateur aviators club “RYZARI OF THE SKY” holds Days of Activities, dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Evgeny Yakovlevich Savitsky – Soviet military pilot and commander, Asa-fighter of World War II, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal of Aviation, Honored Military Pilot of the USSR.

Yevgeny Yakovlevich Savitsky was born in Novorossiysk, the Black Sea province (now the Krasnodar Territory) on 11 (24) December 1910. He joined the Red Army in November 1929. In 1932 he graduated from the 7th military school of pilots named after the Stalingrad Red Banner in Stalingrad.

During the Great Patriotic War, he participated in the Voronezh-Voroshilovgrad defensive operation, the Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of the Caucasus, the Air Battle of the Kuban, the Belgorod-Kharkov, Donbass, Melitopol, Nikopol-Krivoy Rog, the Crimean, Belarusian, Vislo-Oder, Eastern-Pomeranian and Berlin offensive operations. He fought on fighters LaGG-3, La-5, Yak-1, Yak-9, Yak-3.

By the end of the Great Patriotic War Savitsky had 22 enemy planes shot down personally and 2 in the group. In total, he performed 216 sorties, conducted 81 air battles.

After the Victory, he continued to command the corps. Since October 1947 – Head of Combat Training Department of Fighter Aviation of the Main Directorate of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the USSR. In August 1948 he was appointed commander of fighter aviation of the Air Defense Forces and at the same time commander of the 19th Air Fighter Army, from February 1949 – commander of the 78th Air Fighter Army, from October 1949 – commander of the 64th Air Fighter Army.

In 1955 he graduated from the Higher Military Academy named after K.E. Voroshilov. After graduation, he continued to command the fighter aviation of the country’s Air Defense Forces. Since June 1960 – Commander of the country’s Air Defense Forces. Since July 1966 – Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the National Air Defense Forces.

Since April 1980 – Military Inspector-Advisor in the Group of General Inspectors.

Yevgeny Savitsky died on April 6, 1990, in Moscow. He is buried at Novodevichy Cemetery.

The Council of the Club established a diploma “Half a Century with the Sky”.

The diploma is valid from December 12, 2020, to December 31, 2021.

To receive the diploma you need to accumulate – 110 points.

  • For radio contacts with an honorary member of the “Knights of the Sky” club U4MIR – 20 points.
  • For radio contacts with members of the club “Knights of the sky”, which are “Honorary radio operators” R4CQ, R2AKN, RA3TD – 15 points.
  • For radio contacts with members of the club “FRIENDS of the sky” is awarded – 10 points. (The abbreviation RN is transmitted when working on the air by telegraph).

For the correspondents listed above, a multiplier is introduced for the following types of radiation:

  • CW -2
  • DIGI — 1,5
  • SSB-1

For QSO on the band 160 meters – 1,5

QSOs with club members are counted every day (UTC). Repeated QSOs – on different bands, on the same band – different types of radiation.

Diploma in electronic form free of charge through

Or through a resource

Amateur activators of the club “RYZARI OF THE SKY” receive a diploma of activator only during the activity days with at least 100 QSOs. If this condition is not met on activity days – they receive a diploma on general grounds.


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