Days of activity of the club “knights of the sky” 25-31 July 2020 for the award of “Boris Safonov”

Days of activity award of "Boris Safonov"

Amateur radio club-pilots “knights of the SKY” in the year of the celebration of the 75 anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war continues to watch the memory dedicated to the heroes of aviators. The watch will last all year 2020. From 25.07 on 31.07.2020 g conducts days of activity, the Day of the Navy and 105 anniversary of the birth of the participant of the great Patriotic war, twice hero of the Soviet Union, pilot ACE, Lieutenant Colonel Boris Safonov F.

Boris Safonov was born 26 August 1915 (August 13, according to the old calendar) in the village of Sinyavino, now Plavsk district of the Tula region. Among the best cadets were enrolled in school osoaviahima, where his instructor was Valentina Grizodubova, who later became the Hero of the Soviet Union.

B. F. Safonov, took an active part in the hostilities in Putimska direction, making raids on enemy targets during the Soviet-Finnish War of 1939-1940

With the beginning of the great Patriotic war, he distinguished himself in aerial combat with the Luftwaffe. By early January 1942 B. F. Safonov was awarded two orders of the red banner (July 14 and November 8, 1941). September 15, 1941, seven fighters headed Safonov clashed with 52 enemy machines. The outcome of the battle — shot down 13 enemy aircraft, and our seven returned to their base without losses. 16 September of the same year he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. A month later the air force SF has given major at the newly formed 78th fighter regiment, equipped with British Hawker Hurricane. 15 Jan 1942 B. F. Safonov was awarded the third order of the red banner, and in early March 1942, four airmen of Severomorsk (among them B. F. Safonov) for the cooperation in the framework of operation “Benedict” to equip the Soviet air force British aircraft, the head of the British mission, Lieutenant-General Macfarlan was awarded the highest aviation award in the UK — Cross “For outstanding flight achievements”.

May 30, 1942, Lieutenant Colonel Boris Safonov, already being the commander of the 2nd guards red banner mixed aviation regiment VVS SF flew at the head of the fighter wing to cover the convoy PQ-16, going to Murmansk. During the battle with the superior forces of the enemy, the link collapsed, and Boris Safonov was left alone. He got on the radio that he shot down three bombers Ju-88, after which the communication with them was lost. His last words were: “Motor wrecked, go to the emergency”. The exact cause of death is unknown Safonov. According to one version (later declared official), his “Kittyhawk” crashed due to a failure in the motor. It is also possible that the plane and was shot down by the defensive fire of the bombers, which was recorded in the situation report of 2-SCDI 30 May. Sailors from one of the ships saw a single “Kittyhawk” went into a steep dive, crashed into the water and quickly sank.

During the fighting Boris Safonov has made 234 sorties, he personally shot down 20 enemy aircraft (including 6 presumably) and 5 in the group.

June 14, 1942, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR adopted a Decree on awarding B. F. Safonov the second medal “gold Star”. It should be noted that the recommendation for the award was sent to death and. There was an exceptional event: for the first time during the great Patriotic war was again awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. In 1943 was the first bust of the hero in the settlement Vaenga (now Severomorsk)[4].

To obtain the diploma you need to score – 105 points.

  • For QSO with an honorary member of the club “knights of the SKY” U4MIR accrued 20 points.
  • For QSOs with members of club “knights of the SKY”, being “Honorary radio operator” R4CQ, R2AKN, RA3TD accrued 15 points.
  • For QSOs with members of club “knights of the SKY” is credited 10 points. (When in the air the Telegraph transmitted the abbreviation RN).
  • For QSOs with Amateur radio stations in the Tula region – 5 points are accrued.

For the above correspondents enter the multiplier for the following types of radiation:

  • CW -2
  • DIGI – 1,5
  • SSB – 1
  • QSO’s on 160 meters — 1.5

Repeated QSO allowed only on different bands and different types of radiation.

Repeated QSOs with the same member club at the same ranges and types of radiation counted during each new date. Diploma in an electronic format free via

Hams activators club “knights of the SKY” get a diploma activator only during days of activity when carrying out 100 QSOs or more. Failure to comply with this condition receive the diploma on a General basis after the end of the activity days.


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