Knights of the Sky Club Activity Days, 26-30 September 2020 for MiG Tester diploma

Knights of the Sky Club Activity Days, 26-30 September 2020 for MiG Tester diploma

Club of radio amateur aviators “Knights of the Sky” from 26 to 30 September 2020 holds days of activity dedicated to the memory of deceased aviators. The club’s Council established a diploma “Tester MiG” dedicated to the memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, Lenin Prize winner, Major General of Aviation Alexandr Vasilyevich Fedotov.

Alexandr Vasilyevich Fedotov was born on June 23, 1932, in Stalingrad.

In 1958 he graduated from the School of test pilots and in 1965 the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Since August 1958, he has been a test pilot at the Mikoyan Design Bureau. He participated in the tests of MiG-19, MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-25, MiG-27, MiG-29, MiG-31, and their modifications. For the first time in the country, he reached the speed corresponding to the number of Maha M=3.

E-166 and MiG-25 set 18 world aviation records (of which three are absolute) of speed, dynamic ceiling, load capacity, and speed lift. In particular, it owns a still unbreakable flight altitude record (37650 meters) for manned aircraft with jet engines, set on August 31, 1977, on the MiG-25M fighter.

He was killed on April 4, 1984, in a test flight on the MiG-31 together with the test navigator V. Makarov. С. Zaitsev. He was buried at the Bykovsky cemetery of Zhukovsky.

In honor of AV Fedotov named a street in the city Zhukovsky, Moscow region. Alexander Fedotov is named after the School of Test Pilots of the M.M. Gromov Research Institute in the city of Zhukovsky, Moscow region, and School № 24, Kirovsky district, Volgograd.

The monument to A. V. Fedotov is installed in the city of Armavir in the park at the intersection of the Soviet Army and Novorossiysk streets.

The diploma is valid from 23.09.2020 to 31.12.2020.

To get the diploma you need to score – 100 points.

  • For radio communications with an honorary member of the club “Knight of the Sky” U4MIR is awarded – 20 points.
  • For radio communications with the members of the club “RITSARY Neba”, who are “Honorary radio operators” R4CQ, R2AKN, RA3TD is awarded – 15 points.
  • For radio communications with the members of the club “RITSARY HEALTH,” 10 points are awarded. (When working on the air by telegraph the abbreviation RN is transmitted).

For the above correspondents, a multiplier for the following types of radiation is introduced:

  • CW -2
  • DIGI – 1.5
  • SSB-1
  • For QSO on a range of 160 meters – 1,5

QSO with club members is counted daily (by UTC). Repeated communications – on different bands, on one band – different types of radiation.

The diploma in electronic form is free of charge through

Or through a resource

Radio amateurs activators of “Knights of the Sky” club get the diploma of activator only during the days of activity at least 100 QSO. If this condition is not met in the days of activity, they get a diploma on general grounds.


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