Until the end of the expedition center activity days – 27 days left

Until the end of the expedition center activity days - 27 days left

This year the Expeditionary Center of Tourism, Mountaineering and Radio Communication “Mountains for All” and Expeditionary Mountain Collective Radio Station RT9K/6 (a southern branch of the station from Yamal) will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Due to the difficult specifics of our activity, this time we have extended the days of activity for the whole year. The expedition center and the collective radio station are engaged in popularization and development not only of mountain sports and radio communications, but also conduct mountain and mountain radio expeditions as part of sports routes and ascents, attract students, and all this is done mainly on a voluntary basis, and partly due to sponsorship.
For our small anniversary, we have established appropriate diplomas, which will be active throughout 2020 from January 1 to December 31.
To complete a diploma, you must score 365 points. All bands have been modulated in different ways. Repetitions are also allowed by different types of modulation and on different bands. Also, radio communications, carried out in competitions, are counted. For work with personal call signs of the activators, 50 points are assigned, personal call signs through /P – 100 points. For work with collective callsigns – 100 points, for work with collective through /P – 200 points.
Diplomas are issued in electronic form through the HAMLOG service.

The list of call signatures of the activators and the points given by them:

R6DCS – 50
R6DCS/Р – 100
R6DCS/7/P – 100
UA9KDF – 50
UA9KDF/P – 100
UA6AGW – 50
UA6AGW/P – 100
UA6G – 50
UA6G/P – 100
R6DGJ – 50
R6DGJ/Р – 100
RM4HQ – 50
RM4HQ/Р – 100
RA4HL – 50
RA4HL/Р – 100
R4II – 50
R4II/Р – 100
RT9K/6 – 100
RT9K/7 – 100
RT9K/6/Р – 200
RT9K/7/Р – 200
R6DIR — 100
R6DIR — 200
More information on HAMLOG resource and site


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