Results of Miller-DX-Club 30th Anniversary Marathon

Results of Miller-DX-Club 30th Anniversary Marathon

The marathon was held from November 16 to 29, 2020. It was attended by 120 operators-members of the club. For the whole period of the on-air part, SPS operators and club members made 222438 QSOs with radio amateurs from 198 countries and territories of the world.

Issued 5974 diplomas dedicated to this project.

The winners and runners-up in their respective subgroups were:
Table TOP-10 of the portal HAMLOG.RU

  • EU RUSSIA winner – UA3CS
  • EU RUSSIA prizewinner – RV6AGC
  • EU RUSSIA Award Winner – R3FO
  • AS RUSSIA Award Winner – RM8W
  • AS RUSSIA Award Winner – RW0CE


  • Winner – R30MDXC Operator – UA9MA
  • Prize winner – RN30DX Operator – RA6ADQ
  • Prize winner – RL30DX Operator – UD7G

M-DX-C club members

  • EU RUSSIA winner – UA4WW
  • EU RUSSIA prizewinner – RA6ADQ
  • EU RUSSIA Award Winner – RD7D
  • AS RUSSIA Award Winner – R9DV
  • AS RUSSIA Award Winner – RW0UM

Foreign radio amateurs, members of the M-DX-C club

  • Winner – OK4RQ
  • Prize winner – YO8DOH
  • Winner – SP2EWQ


  • Winner – R6M- 75
  • Prize winner – R6M- 86
  • Winner – EZ8- 002

To winners and prize-winners will be sent commemorative plaques and pennants from the club “M-DX-C”, with additional information about sending.

According to the table “TOP-10” Portal HAMLOG.RU commemorative pennants will also mark: SP6CES, UN8PC, UT2MZ, DL1ASP, UN7PGA, RM8W
For their great contribution to the development of the club, active work in projects, and on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding, it was decided to note with commemorative plaques and pennants the following operators, members of the club: RW1F, RC7M, UA9MA, R0CD, RA6LIS, UA6HML, UA6NT, UA6GO, R0AX, R2AKN, RV3FF, RU0SYL, UA0ZC, R7MG, UA3FQ, RW0LX, UG5F, R3TKM, R6NZ, R7NO, R7NC, RU7N, R6CS, UA9CUA, R6MI, R3FO, EU1EU, RA2FU, R7AT, EV1P, RU1QD, RK9JD

The council of the club “M-DX-C” thanks to all the amateurs who took an active part in the project, we wish you luck in the future and see you in the project “Russia New Year 2021

Information for all participants of the last project, who fulfilled the conditions of receiving plaques and pennants, can contact RQ7L at E-mail:


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