The results of the project “the Legend of the Soviet football club-M-DX-C” 2-stage


Days of activity took place from 01 till 05 Jul 2020. They were attended by 75 operators, members of the club. For the whole period of the essential parts, operators conducted 29288 QSO with hams from 87 countries and territories of the world.

Issued 1113 diplomas dedicated to this project.

Winners in all categories were:
Table TOP-10 of the portal HAMLOG.RU

  • The absolute winner – UT2MZ
  • The winner of the EU RUSSIA – RV3ZN
  • AS the winner of the RUSSIA – RA9AJ

Members of the club “M-DX-C”

  • The winner of the EU RUSSIA – RZ5D
  • The winner of the EU RUSSIA – RU1QD
  • The winner of the EU RUSSIA – RU7N
  • AS the winner of the RUSSIA – UA9MA
  • Winner AS RUSSIA – R9MM
  • Winner AS RUSSIA – R9DV

Foreign radio Amateurs, members of the club “M-DX-C”

  • Winner – EV1P
  • Winner – EU1EU
  • Winner – SQ2HL


  • Winner – EZ8 – 02
  • Winner – UA3385SWL
  • Winner – R6M – 75

The winners will receive prizes from the club “M-DX-C”

Most active hams are members of the club: UA6NT, UA9CUA, UG5F, YO8DOH, UA3GT, UA4WW, UA6GO, UA6HML, HA8UT, R0AX, R0CD, R2AKN, R2UZ, RU0SYL, RV3FF, RV6HFA, SP2EWQ, UA0LDY, UA0ZC, R3FO, R3TKM, R6LZ, RA2FU, RAS6ADQ, RA6LIS, RD7D, UA3FQ, R7MG, RA0JAI – will be awarded with diplomas of the club in electronic format.

According to “TOP-10” portal HAMLOG.RU commemorative diplomas will be awarded to: RQ20LF, R3FO, UR4MF, SP4OLP, RA4UIV, R1CAT

The Board of the club “M-DX-C” thanks to all the hams who took an active part in the project, wishes them success and see you on the air!

Information for all participants who have fulfilled the conditions for obtaining the plaques “don cosmic” and a commemorative pennant “Don Space” and plaques “We are the heirs of Victory” and a commemorative pennant “75 years of the great Victory”, plaques and pennants “Sholokhov Spring 2020”, the plaque in the “Day of Russia” Vympel “Day of Russia” in previous projects, can contact RQ7L E-mail:


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