The club “Fifth Ocean” – 125 years since the birth of Sukhoi P. O. 20-26 July 2020

birth of Sukhoi diploma

Amateur radio club-aviators “Fifth Ocean” from July 20 to July 26, 2020, spends his days of activity dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi, an outstanding Soviet aircraft designer, founder of jet aircraft “su”.

Pavel Osipovich Sukhoy was born 22 Jul 1895 in Belarus in the Vilnius province, in the village Deep. Father, Osip Andreevich, was a farmer and worked as a teacher. Mother, Elizabeth Yakovlevna, was a native of Belarus. The family was large. Paul had five sisters. Father was a good teacher and managed to create all conditions for the successful teaching of diverse children.

P. O. Sukhoi graduated with a silver medal Gomel gymnasium. Fell in love with aviation after the demonstration flight Utochkina over Gomel, and since then dreamed of it. After graduating from high school in 1914, eager to get into the Imperial Higher technical school in Moscow, is the only school of the Russian Empire, where he studied theoretical and technical problems of Aeronautics heavier than air. But the admission of it is denied (because his uncle is the copies of the original documents of leases). Entered the Moscow University.

But Sukhoi did not back down from his dreams and a year later came back to take exams Bauman. This time all went well, and he finally became a student at the desired University. Immediately joined the club of Aeronautics, which is under the leadership of N. Zhukovsky experiments were conducted to study the qualities of airplanes, their construction, and the construction of wind tunnels.

The first world war breaks plans P. O. Sukhoi and interrupts his study. After a series of serious illnesses, and of wandering with the family through the villages in the vicinity of Gomel, he returned to Moscow and continued his studies in asiacruise. In the evenings he helped N. Fomin, designed airships. When the P. O. Sukhoi, a diploma, he was invited to work in the Design Department of the University of the aerodynamic engineer. Then became the head of the brigade, Deputy chief designer. From 1939 to 1940. Pavel Sukhoi worked as chief designer at the Kharkov plant. From 1940 to 1949 he was already the chief designer of BK, which was based in the Moscow region and Moscow. At the same time, he was a Director of these plants. From 1949 to 1953 – Deputy chief designer at Tupolev. From 1953 he was promoted to the position of chief, and in 1956 – the General designer.

As soon as the P. O. Sukhoi began work on his specialty, he immediately showed his talent – has created a plane that had two engines. This awesome set a new distance record flight. And as a result, not only the aircraft but also its Creator became popular. Under the leadership of Tupolev, models have been developed And-4 and-14, ANT-25 and ANT-37бис.

After P. O. Sukhoi began developing next, more advanced aircraft. It was a multi-purpose aircraft, which allowed Pavel Osipovich to climb up the career ladder and become head of the Design Department, who worked independently. Participated in the tender for the development of “Ivanov”. But ended up creating a release of the SU-2, used later in the years of the great Patriotic War. The plane immediately went into production. Then the war demanded improvements. The development of the new stormtroopers, which were intended to support the defense. The result was SU-6. Their creation and improvement continued after the end of the war. And this was the beginning of finding a new, more sophisticated technical solutions. Was established and went into production the su-7, 9, 11, 15. Fighters (bombers and interceptors) of the su-7B with ski and wheel undercarriage. Su-17 that changes the vitreous wing, front-line su-24, su-27, su-25 and many others. All were developed more than 50 models.

P. O. Sukhoi and other developers have improved the geometry of the wing. Systems were developed that worked in the most adverse weather conditions. Merit Sukhoi as the designer was awarded the highest Soviet government awards.

P. O. Sukhoi designer, who was one of the founders of the Soviet jet aircraft. Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi – doctor of technical Sciences, Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, holder of three Lenin orders (1945, 1957, 1975), the order of October Revolution, Labour red banner (1938), red Star (22.12.1933) and “badge of Honor” (1936), laureate of state prizes, member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1958-1974) with all its abilities and regalia was a great colleague and leader, sympathetic person. The name of the General designer Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi for a long time was not known to a wider circle of people-he worked mainly on the creation of military aircraft to protect our country from any aggressor. But he is rightly ranked among the outstanding designers of aircraft-Tupolev and Ilyushin, Lavochkin and Mikoyan, Yakovlev, and Antonov. Aircraft designer Pavel Osipovich Sukhoy is among those wonderful people, proud of our country. Even in some prominent designers of the man – the phenomenon unusual, rare, and totally unfair, I know about him so little.

In his way were enormous challenges and difficult situation of an accident. Without it is impossible for the development of aviation. But the winner is the dedication, devotion once and for all chosen fields of work.

In 1989, at Le Bourget, the su-27 first demonstrated a “Cobra” – complex aerobatics. Aerodynamic design, the dimension, the use of integrated layout and instability in the longitudinal channel, and also some other solutions for fighter superiority in the air su-27 the success of the future fighter, was chosen P. O. Sukhoi. It was not the first time that su has impressed foreigners – only they set about 50 world records. The designer P. O. Sukhoi, at the Airshow could not be present – in 1975 he was gone.

Died Pavel Osipovich Sukhoy 16 Sep 1975 and was buried in Moscow at Novodevichy cemetery. But he created EDO to stop on the reached does not intend. Hardly in the world, there is an educated person who knows the name Sukhoi, or at least its offspring – su. This once again proves that Russia will never diminish geniuses.

July 22, 2020, marks the 125th birthday of Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi – legendary designer, ahead of time. In honor of this event, Amateur radio club-aviators “Fifth Ocean” spends his days of activity from 00:00 UTC 20.07.2020 to 21:00 UTC 26.07.2020 G. diploma Established “Rapid Flight”, dedicated to this event.

Invited radio Amateurs of all world for QSOs/observations from hams members of the club “Fifth Ocean” on the ranges of 1.8 – 28 MHz and VHF.

Terms of the diploma ofRapid Flight”.

Regard for the diploma counted from 20 July 2020 to 31 December 2020.

Applicants to meet the conditions of the diploma need to score – 125 points.

The procedure of scoring:

  • For QSO/SWL with Amateur radio members of the club “Fifth Ocean” working …call sign/AM 7 points;
  • QSO/SWLс Honorary members of the club “Fifth Ocean” U4MIR, R2DAV, R5DU, RA3YV, RV3YR, UA1ZZ, UA3DJ, LZ1ZF5 points.
  • QSO/SWLс hams members of the club “Fifth Ocean” – 2 points.
  • For QSO/SWLна VHF and range of 160 m added 1 point to the above;
  • 1 QSO/SWL through a satellite or EME diploma.

The multiplier for applicants, depending on the Regions:

  • Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan – 1;
  • Europe (except countries listed) – 2;
  • Asia, including of radio amateurs of Russia of the 19 zones (except countries listed) – 3;
  • North and South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania, Antarctica – 5.

Repeated QSO allowed only on different bands and different types of radiation.

All types of digital communications (RTTY, PSK, MFSK, SSTV, JT64, all ft8, etc.) count as one kind of DIGI.

In the days of activity (from 00:00 UTC20.07.2020 till 23:59 UTC26.07.2020 g) conducted points for QSO/SWL are doubled.

Activators, members of the club “Fifth Ocean”, diploma with sequence number index “A” is issued depending on the number of QSOs, carried out in days of activity:

  • 3rd class diploma for 100 QSOs.
  • 2nd class diploma for 250 QSO;
  • 1 class of certificate for the 500 QSO;
  • diploma of “Master” over 1000 QSO.

It is obligatory to confirm the QSO on the resource

The diploma is issued free of charge in electronic form via the online

Members of the club “Fifth Ocean” in the days of activity and after their completion, can obtain the diploma as candidates in a general manner. The validity of the diploma until 31.12.2020 G.


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