The continuation of a series of diplomas “Cities of Krasnodar Krai”

diplomas "Cities of Krasnodar Krai"

The second series of diplomas “Cities of Krasnodar Krai”

This series consists of 26 diplomas, and that’s the number of cities of the Krasnodar region.

The club radio amateurs of Sochi name of Yu. G. Sarajevo, established and produces the second series of 13 degrees. To obtain the diploma you must gain points for each city. Repetitions are allowed, but different types of radiation on all bands.

1. Kurganinsk 75 points + 25 points with RDA KR-41 100 PTS total
2. Labinsk 150 points + 25 points with RDA KR-43 175 PTS total
3. Novokubansk 180очков + 25 points with RDA КR-46 205 PTS total
4. Novorossiysk 230 points + 25 points c RDA KR-05
KR-06 255 points total
5.Primorsko-Akhtarsk 255 points + 25 points with RDA KR-50 280 total
6. Slavyansk-na-Kubani 275 points + 25 points c RDA KR-52 300
7. Sochi 325 points + 25 points with RDA KR-08
KR-09 350 PTS total
8. Temryuk 355 points +25 points with RDA KR-55 380 PTS total
9. Timashevsk 365 points + 25 points with RDA KR-56 390 PTS total
10. Tikhoretsk 375 points + 25 points with RDA KR-57 400 points total
11. Tuapse 405 points + 25 points with RDA KR-58 430 points –”-
12. Ust ‘ -Labinsk 410 points + 25 points with RDA KR-60 of 435 points –”-
13. Khadyzhensk 415 points + 25 points with RDA KR-26 440 -“-

The launch of the diplomas: July 20, 2020. 00.00 GMT end : 31.12.2020 G. 23.59 GMT

Hams these cities for RDA give 25 points required for credit for a diploma to the addition of points for each city on the list above. Hams specified RDA giving points for the degree is obtained diplomas in conducting 900 telecommunications as activators.

Activators of a collective Amateur Radio Club of Sochi give 40 points: RO7C – KR-11, RV6BEM – KR-10, RY6AAG – KR-11

Activators honorary members of the Amateur Radio Club of Sochi: RU0SYL, RA3RPW RU9SO U4MIR RZ7D RQ1A R2AKN R2FCN = give 45 points receive diplomas after 900 QSO.
Activators club members Amateur Radio Club of Sochi: R6DJN, R9JR, R1WBJ, RZ3DY, R8FF, UA3FQ, R3FO, RD7D, R7MG, R6CC, RZ6D, UA6CG, R6CG, RK6AAW, RK6DL, RM7C, RV6BEU, RN3BR give up 40 points and receive a diploma when holding 950 QSOs. Radio activator the activator are counted both on a General basis.
The rest of the Amateur radio Club of KRS and radio Sochi and radio of Krasnodar territory to give them 30 points and for the diploma, it is necessary to hold 900 telecommunications as activators. SWL on a General basis

Diplomas can be downloaded as complete on the website All the obscure questions 73!
The club radioamateurs of Sochi im. Yu. G. Sarajevo


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