Alloy Livenskiy radio Amateurs dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the airborne troops


From 31 July to 2 Aug 2020 plan river rafting Pine (room water references R-29-0005) on the punt in excess of 4 persons, from the city of Livny downstream in the direction of Yelets. Alloy dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the airborne troops. 2 people are members of the club “Fifth ocean” and belonging to the airborne. This R5ER Borozdov Yuri and R5EO of Sergeyk Alexander.

It is planned to activate the Pine river and tributaries of the river which will be carried out of the Parking lot. Work is planned with boats in the range of 20 m. in the Evening at sites of work is also planned on the bands 80 and 40 meters.

Work will be performed call sign RT3E, R5ER, R5EO

The route will pass by the following references:

Oryol oblast

  • stream Empress Mill R-29-0124 KO82TJ
  • river Kshen ‘ R-29-0029 KO82UJ
  • stream Coslovsky R-29-0125 KO82VI
  • river Kunach R-29-0114 KO82VI
  • stream Mikhailovsky R-29-0126 KO82WJ
  • river Panikovets R-29-0071 KO82WJ
  • stream Kalininskogo R-29-00127 KO82XJ
  • stream Perches Mountain R-29-0128 KO82XJ

Lipetsk oblast

  • the river Olym R-20-0054 KO92AK
  • Big river Chernava R-20-0005 KO92AL
  • river Yasenok R-20-0098 KO92BL
  • stream Mahousenshi R-20-0100 KO92CL
  • river Panikovets R-20-0099 KO92EM
  • the river Vorgol R-20-0012 KO92FM
  • river Voronet R-20-0129 KO92FN

The approximate route


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