It became known about the new technology LiFi on the market of rugged mobile computing devices

Getac Brings LiFi Technology to Rugged Mobile Computing Market ...

Getac Brings LiFi Technology to Rugged Mobile Computing Market ...

The company Fujitsu is the first manufacturer in the world, which displays the integrated LiFi technology to market rugged mobile computing devices

Currently, the company works closely with selected strategic customers with the aim of commercialization of new solutions based on specific industry applications and requirements.

The company Fujitsu, the leader of secure IT solutions, has announced that for the first time brings to market secure computer devices integrated technology LiFi from the company pureLiFi. This announcement means that customers from a wide professional spectrum will soon be able to take advantage of fully reliable and innovative communication technology LiFi in a single device, opening up powerful new applications and use cases.

Previously, users wishing to take advantage of the technology LiFi had to rely on a USB-stick is inserted in the side of the device. This approach is very vulnerable even at the slightest blow or fall, making it unreliable in many environments, such as defense, public safety, automotive, energy, and industry. With this announcement, users of these sectors will be able to purchase a fully protected solution with the LiFi technology is integrated into the device. The first device from Sony that will offer the integrated capabilities of LiFi, will be the newly released fully rugged tablet UX10.

The technology LiFi: Safe, high quality, light connection

The technology LiFi (Light Fidelity) uses light for data transmission, not radio frequency, as in traditional technologies, such as WiFi, LTE, 4G, 5G, etc. This innovative approach has several advantages compared to RF technologies, including:

  • Improved privacy and security: Improving privacy and security: the Light can be easier localized than radio waves, and protected in the physical space. As a result, it is much less vulnerable to tampering or interception, while providing greater control over the localization of the network, asset tracking, and user authentication.
  • Excellent quality connections: Technology LiFi offers a thousand times more data density than radio-frequency networks, which provides improved reliability and communication. In addition, LiFi does not interfere with radio frequency signals, which means that both networks can operate simultaneously in the same physical space.
  • Extremely low signal delay: Communication-based on light data has a lower signal delay than radio frequency technologies. This advantage can actively contribute to innovation, automation, and the use of advanced applications, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

The discovery of powerful new applications in a number of sectors

The combination of rugged reliability and LiFi connection opens a number of powerful new applications in various sectors. These include:

  • Defense: Initially safe, fully-rugged communication solutions that can be quickly applied in the field due to minimum requirements for cables.
  • Public safety: Lightning-fast data collection and transfer on the scene in emergency response thanks to high-quality LiFi connection with low latency.
  • Automobile: Fast and uninterrupted data load to update the embedded software of the vehicle under conditions of high physical load at the plant or in the workshop.
  • Industry and energy: LiFi can help to transform the old infrastructure in the IoT (Internet of things), contributing to the digital transformation in areas where there are concerns about interference from radio frequency equipment in the operations of the critical importance of security.

“In Fujitsu, we work with a huge number of clients from different industries, many of whom have specific technical requirements and constraints”, says Rick Hwang (Hwang Rick), President, the business group at Benq video and secure solutions. “Today’s announcement once again demonstrates our commitment to overcoming these difficulties by combining powerful new technologies, such as LiFi, with reliable and durable devices, with the aim of creating industry-leading solutions that work perfectly even under the most adverse conditions”.


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