Device for data transfer without cellular communication developed in Russia

Device for data transfer without cellular communication developed in Russia

A rather interesting group communication system has been developed for rescuers, sportsmen, hunters, and tourists. It does not allow you to get lost even with a complete loss of orientation and a lack of mobile communication.

The solution is based on radio trackers, which allow us to make calls and determine the geoposition through a smartphone in the absence of cellular communication. The system provides quality signal transmission over long distances: up to 20 km from the device to the device in open terrain and up to 5 km in a dense forest. The system was developed by the specialists of the Roselektronika holding of the Rostekh State Corporation.

The radio tracker was named “Gonchak”. It is a compact device, including a transceiver, equipped with GLONASS/GPS and Bluetooth modules. The new gadgets are synchronized with users’ tablets or smartphones through a mobile application and allow the members of the group to exchange voice messages without using cellular operators’ networks, as well as to see each other’s position on their mobile devices, to save the routes passed and base points on the loaded map.

The transponder “Gonchak” is simultaneously a repeater. Geoposition data and voice messages can be transmitted within a group of subscribers in a chain from the tracker to the tracker for tens of kilometers. The large range is provided by deep mathematical processing of data transmitted in the radio channel. Thanks to the high capacity battery, the radio tracker is able to work continuously during the day.

“The “Gonchak” system is a universal platform. Used solutions will allow us to change the characteristics depending on the customer’s requirements and adapt the equipment to work on available radio frequencies. Radio trackers can be used during rescue operations, geological exploration in remote areas, as well as helping tourists and hunters not to get lost in the hike. Serial production of the products is scheduled for 2021″, – said the industrial director of the radio-electronic complex of the State Corporation of Rostekh Sergei Sakhnenko.

At present, radio trackers are testing hunters. The experience of use in real conditions will be taken into account when finalizing the devices before the launch of serial production.

Rostekh’s press service reported that the development of the Gonchak system is also being carried out by the Research Institute of Communication and Control Systems, part of the Constellation Concern.


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