Junior school students from Aznakaevo held a session on radio communication with the cosmonauts

Junior school students from Aznakaevo held a session on radio communication with the cosmonauts

On January 30, 2021, another session of radio communication with the International Space Station was held at the Youth collective radio station of the Aznakaevo airfield.

At the ISS station, two Sergeys were answering children’s questions, so it was possible to make a wish. The first question was asked by Emil Valeev, a pupil of the 2b class of school №2:

– How do you take water procedures? The answer was accepted with a smile because they just took water procedures.

The second question was asked by a pupil of the 1c grade of school № 2 Valeev Daniel:

– Do you like space food? The answer interested everyone because everyone drooled and wanted to try it.

Then there were questions from Timur:

– Are there any fears in space? Which was received with laughter from the astronauts.


– What experiments do you do in space? There was also a decent answer.

Then Zalina of the first grade of the 1st school asked a question:

– Who do you go to for medical help?

Unfortunately, the time of the session was limited and the beginning of the session was also late, so we ended the session:

– That’s really cool! Hearing the live voice of an astronaut from outer space is something. We saw the trajectory of the flight, how they move at 27500 km per hour, answering all the tricky questions from the kids! It was worth seeing. We could hardly fit into the booth, some parents even didn’t fit in, they were standing in the street – the chairman of TPS ¹4 Khazipova Nuriya Kasimovna commented on this event.

Not all wishing could ask questions, I think we will choose a day and time of the period of passage of the ISS to our city and we will invite all in advance. After the event, the students demonstrated amateur radio communications on short wave. And the first radio contact was made by Sophia and Georgy Malinin, pupils 2B and 7A of school № 7. Thank you all for your participation.

We thank the head of the city Sultanov Marat, the deputy head of the Department of Education Zaripova Zulfiya, the chairman of TPS №4 Khazipova Nuriya, as well as students and their parents.

All participants were awarded diplomas for participation

We start preparing for the next session, and we say hello to them:


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