Activity Days of the “Knights of the Sky” club, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the 4th Center for Combat Application and Flight Training in Lipetsk

Activity Days of the "Knights of the Sky" club, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the 4th Center for Combat Application and Flight Training in Lipetsk

The “Knights of the Sky” club of radio amateur aviators holds regular Activity Days, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the 4th Center for Combat Application and Flight Training of the Air Force from February 4-12, 2023.

On March 1, 1953 the 4th Air Force Combat Application Center was formed on the basis of the Higher Aviation Blind and Night Training Courses for Air Force Officers and the 4th Fighter Aviation Training Center. The basis for this was the directives of the USSR Military Minister of 3 February 1953 and the Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Army Air Forces of 27 February 1953

The center was successively stationed in the cities of Tambov and Voronezh, and in 1960 it was relocated to Lipetsk and transformed into the Center of combat application and retraining of air force personnel

In 2011 the center was named the State Order of Lenin Red Banner Center for training of aviation personnel and military tests of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation named after V.P. Chkalov. In 2009 the Kozhedub Air Show Center (Kubinka) was included in its structure

The center is a special flight, research and training facility designed for elaboration and development of methods of combat use of military aviation, training and retraining of personnel on existing and incoming aircraft systems and means of destruction

In 1960 the Center established a training department where over 60,000 officers of various specialties were trained. The Center retrained 11 cosmonaut pilots of the USSR and Russia for new aviation equipment The pilots of the Center regularly participate in aerospace shows, major international and Russian exercises, air parades over Red Square. The aerobatic groups of the Center are “Falcons of Russia”, “Russian Knights” and “Strizhi” are the calling card of the Russian Air Force.

A symbol of the glorious aviation history is the monument on Aviators’ Square in Lipetsk – the MiG-19 fighter jet flying high.

The Swifts are the trademark of the Russian Air Force

Conditions of the Diploma “Cradle of the Knights of the Sky”:

Diploma connections will count from February 4, 2023, and are permanent. Amateur radio contacts worldwide on 1.8 to 28MHz and VHF are counted.

The diploma is valid until February 4, 2023

100 points required.

The radio calls with honorary member U4MIR will earn 20 points.

The radio calls with honorary club member Knight of the Sky will earn 20 points

The radio calls with the temporary special call sign LZ21MIG will be awarded 20 points.

QSOs with members of the Knights of the Sky club earn 10 points.

QSOs with radio amateurs in Lipetsk and Lipetsk region are awarded 5 points.

For the above-mentioned correspondents a multiplier is introduced for the following types of emission:

CW -2


DIGI – 1

QSO at 160 meters – 1.5

Repeated QSOs with the same club member in the same day count on different bands, but on ONE band with different types of radiation (all DIGI counts as one type)

Diploma is issued via and

Members of the RYTHERS OF THE SKY club receive activator diplomas during Activity Days when at least:

100 QSOs – 3rd degree;

200 QSO – 2nd degree;

300QSO – 1st degree.

As applicants, members of the Knights of the Sky Club will not be awarded a diploma.


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