OH2BC installs large InnovAntennas 50MHz array

OH2BC installs large InnovAntennas 50MHz array

Every now and then, a really special antenna system gets installed, and usually, it is a result of the desire, commitment, and dedication of the station owner. Kari, OH2BC is one of these guys.

Several years ago, Kari installed 8 x 18el X-pols (9v/9h) for 144.146MHz. Impressed by their stability and being able to use them in all weathers, he asked us to produce similar, this time for 50MHz.

Below the top is his new Array. We supplied the antennas, cabling, and power dividers, the H-frame, and guying all prepared and installed by Kari and his team.

The system looks impressive but once you factor that those booms are 10m long and on a cross boom of over 21m wide, you begin to realize the work that had gone into this system.

Congratulations Kari, another Big Gun joins the 6m band party!

Justin G0KSC – Antenna Designer InnovAntennas –


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