Command and staff vehicle R-142H on the air on February 4 at the ski race

R-142N command and staff car on the air February 4 at the

February 4, 2023 team of radio amateurs will operate a R-142N command and staff car based on a GAZ-66 on behalf of the interregional organization Military Technical Society in the A.V. Afonin Memorial Ski Race.

From 10:30 am until 1:00 am on February 4, 2023 we will broadcast UB3AYC/P in low side modulation (LSB) frequencies 7150 kHz (+-5 kHz), and 3670 kHz (+-5 kHz), but you should check for frequencies by sending e-mail or messaging me on Facebook (addresses attached below).

All QSOs will be recorded in the service hamlog, and will be sent H-QSL card with a picture of the command and control machine

Location: Moscow, Bitza Park, “Alpha Bitza” sports club

Antennas: AZI (anti-aircraft radiation) and dipole with symmetrical line – standard antennas R-142H.

Area direction: central Russia, Europe.

Power: 50-100 watts (icom 7100).

Everyone is welcome to participate in the commemorative event!

Contacts for contact:





The R-142N command and staff vehicle is designed for troop control and communication arrangement at the operational and tactical control tier of battalion-regiment-division, both independently and as part of a communication center, while stationary (about 40 km/h) and at rest. The R-142N equipment provides simplex radio-telephone communication in open and closed modes. It also has the ability to conduct radio telephone communication with the remote telephone set type TA-57 on the line up to 500 m from the R-142N. Plus telegraphic communication.

The R-142H staff command vehicle can operate both in VHF and HF ranges. It can operate in conjunction with medium and high-power radio stations such as “Polyus”, R-140, R-161A2, PS and others.

The equipment of the command and staff car is mounted in a metal heated body on the chassis of the GAZ-66 car and ensures radio communication at ambient temperature from -40 up to +50 °С and relative humidity of 98 % at 40 °С.

In conditions of moderately rugged terrain at any time of day and year at frequencies free from radio interference, selected in accordance with the antenna used, the radios provide reception and transmission of information at various distances.

The equipment of the R-142H command and control vehicle includes:

  1. radio station R-111 (PC-1 and PC-2) – 2 pcs.
  2. power supply unit for radio station R-111 (PS-UM) – 2 pcs.
  3. coordinating antenna unit of radio station R-111 – 1 pc
  4. radio station R-130M (PC-3) – 1 pc
  5. power supply unit for radio station R-130M (BP-260) – 1 pc
  6. remote matching device – 1 pc
  7. radio station R-130M (VSU-A) – 1 pc
  8. reconciliation unit – 1 pcs
  9. adjustment unit – 1 pc
  10. radio station R-123MT (PC-4) – 1 pc
  11. power supply unit for radio station R-123MT (BP-26) – 1 pc
  12. phone set TA-57 – 2 pcs
  13. antenna of anti-aircraft radiation (azi);
  14. power plant (AB-1/O12);
  15. power take-off generator (gab);
  16. secreting equipment (T-219 “Yacht”);
  17. secretization equipment (T-219 “Yacht”);
  18. secretization equipment (T-219 “Yacht”)
  19. pin antenna 3 – 4 meters (ALS – 3 – 4)
  20. combined whip antenna on an 11-meter mast;
  21. dipole.


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