R3CG/1: polar station “Eletskaya”, North Komi 


On September 13, 2020, the team of the Russian Geographical Society R3CG consisting of Eduard Prudsky RA3III, Alexander Vasilyev UA3IQN, and Andrey Omelchenko R3IBC will leave Moscow for the polar station “Yeletskaya” to the north of the Komi Republic to perform technical activities and activity on short waves.

закат на Севере

As part of the trip will be carried out an inspection of the surrounding areas under the program of the State Duma Committee on Regional Policy and Problems of the North and Far East, proposed December 9, 2019, at a workshop. – http://rgoyanao.ru/2019/10.12.2019.html
It is expected that from September 15 the team will already be on the air – R3CG/1.
RDA: KO-02, QTH-loc: MP27CB, coordinates: 67 ͦ 02.74’N / 64 ͦ 13.34’E.

северный олень

The main target tasks include routine work on the antenna-feeder device of the short-wave base station of the integrated communication system (ISS), through which the test communication with the “Big Land” during the expedition to the island of Shokalsky (R3CG/8) and the ascent to Elbrus. In addition, at the request of Komi TsGMS, the weather station will be reconstructed with the use of CIP to improve the power supply line on the supports of the 0.4 kV overhead line.

Conducting any activity in the Arctic is impossible without hydrometeorological support. Reliable determination of environmental parameters in the Arctic is the basis of design solutions that minimize natural risks and in many cases provide economically viable and safe for man and nature development of hard-to-reach Arctic territories.

The territory of the Komi Republic stretches from the banks of rivers in the south of the region to the grey peaks of the Polar Urals. Nature here is diverse and picturesque – huge forest massifs are replaced by forest-tundra and tundra with permafrost.

It is here, in the North of Komi, that the meteorological station “M-2 Eletskaya” is located – http://meteork.ru/mst/elets.shtml in the open marshy tundra near the Elets River.

The polar station “Yeletskaya” started its work on April 8, 1955. The current head of the station is Valery Mikhailovich Gubenko R9YK/1. Earlier, until September 2019, he headed the hard-to-reach polar station “Marresala” on Yamal. On the territory of the weather station, “Yeletskaya” is a base station of complex communication system, the antenna mast which was installed when the winter was raging and the snow level reached 2 meters.

One of the camps of the Gulag was located in these places. In the postwar years, the construction of the Transpolarskaya Railway began – construction was carried out on the territory of Komi, Yamal, and further to the north of Krasnoyarsk Territory. In addition to tens of thousands of prisoners, there were a lot of freelance staff – enthusiasts, who came here on Komsomol tours and call of the heart. The work was carried out actively. Thus, by November 7, 1947, the builders had laid the railroad track to the Polar Urals station at the “Chum-Labytnangi” section of the Northern Railroad.

железная дорога Чум-Лабытнанги

Main traffic frequencies R3CG/1 from polar station “Yeletskaya”:

CW – 3532 and 7032 kHz, SSB – 3644 and 7185 kHz ±QRM.
Station identification marks (SSID): R3CG-15, R3CG-9, and R3CG-7.
KSS shortwave tracking (http://www.r3cg.ru/sro).

WSPR: R3CG 7038.6 kHz
Used equipment:

Transceivers: ICOM IC-706MKIIG and ICOM IC-7000
Subscriber’s terminal: Aximuth -20 portable short wave radio station;
Control receiver: ColibriNANO;
Sort wave beacon: WSPR 32;
Amplifier: Expert 1,3 KF;
Antennas: SAV 40-30-20 and INV 40/80 m.

APRS support: Andrey Morgunov R2DWL.
Support on “Big Land”: Yuri Ammosov R2AXE.
Technical support: Vasily Vasilyev RN6LHF and Nikolay Postnikov R2AZI.

We wish the polar “Robinsons” a successful trip to North Komi and are waiting for them with a report at the RRC conference in Orel on September 25-26.
73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA, President of Russian Robinson Club


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