Russian Civil Aviation – 100 Years

Russian Civil Aviation - 100 Years

February09 this year, Russian civil aviators are celebrating the 100th anniversary of their industry. The international flying amateur radio club “The Fifth Ocean” has members who have worked in the sky and on the ground for 30-40 years and they celebrate the 100th anniversary of GA as their own. This round date is included in the club’s calendar of activity days.

The week began Feb. 03 and will end Feb. 12. During these days, QSOs with club members can earn double points for all 36 club diplomas.

The club’s activity days include the following

Look at the diploma details and pictures on the Diplomas page on the club website at:

Pictured here is one of the club’s diplomas –

The diploma “Tu-134” was issued on the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the serial plane (14.08.1965).

The diploma “TU-134” is a part of the diploma series “Aircrafts of Tupolev Design Bureau” of the diploma program of the International Club of Flying Radio Amateurs “The Fifth Ocean”.
The diploma is issued only if the applicant has two basic diplomas – “The Fifth Ocean” and “Takeoff” of the 2nd edition.
In order to receive the diploma “TU-134” applicants must have 25 points and make at least 2 QSOs with the club members who were flying on the aircraft of Tupolev Design Bureau or were serving them on the ground (the list is attached).
For the QSO with the member of the club on CW – 1 point, on VHF, 10 and 160m – 5 points, with the member of the club, working by Callsign – 5 points.
Repeated QSOs are allowed on the different bands and a different type of radiation.
In the days and weeks of the activity the points are doubled.
QSOs with the club member in the minitest of the club “Fifth Ocean” is awarded 5 points.
Diplomas are issued on the basis of the application in the form of an extract from the log or report of participation in the minitest of the club “Fifth Ocean”.
The application for the “Tu-134” should specify the numbers of diplomas “Fifth Ocean” and “Flight” 2nd edition, which the applicant already has. It is allowed to get both “Tu-134” and basic diplomas at the same time special conditions for “Tu-134” diplomas (valid during the activity days dedicated to this aircraft or its designer):

Particular conditions for “Tu-134” diplomas (valid during the activity days dedicated to this aircraft or its designer)

  • receive 25 points for QSO with club members, or
  • take 2 QSOs with club members from the list below

The cost of the diploma – 50 rubles for applicants from Russia and CIS countries and 3 USD – for applicants from abroad.
The cost of the diploma includes shipping costs.
Applications and postal orders with the payment of the diploma should be sent to the diploma manager of the club Grishaev Evgeny Vasilyevich RA3DZ

All questions relating to the payment and receipt of diplomas can be directed to the “round table” of the club on Sunday at 10.00AMMSC at 14.315 kHz.

List of club members who flew on Tupolev OKB aircraft. or serviced them on the ground: 4L1FP, 4Z5GU, HI8/UA4LGS, M0RUS, OH1UU, R1AS, R1CC, R3AR, R4YM, R8MC, RA1AGU, RA1CC, RA3ABS, RA3AR, RA3SQ, RA4CPK, RA6FID, RA9OU, RK0UK, RK9UN, RN3FS, RN6MC, RP3AGD, RT6DK, RT22MC, RU1AS, RU3ACI, RU3AO, RU3VT, RU9WW, RV3ACB, RV3AK, RV3AKQ, RV3ALL, RV3AN, RV3TJ, RV3VJ, RW4HR, RX0AA, RX3AOE, RZ3AP, RZ3AQ, RZ6DC, RZ6HU, SP5EWX, U3FB, U3UK, U5DQ, U6HU, UA0JF, UA0LQQ, UA1AAE, UA3ADX, UA3AIC, UA4LD, UA4LGS, UA6FZ, UA9MC, UA9XQ, UN7SB, UR4HP, UR5IFP, UR5ZIB, UT1LX, UT2RA, UT7CU, UU3JO, UX1LC, UY1IA, YU1JF.


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