Memorial Watch “Battle for the Middle Don – 80 years” – the second phase


Amateur radio activity days “80 Years of Memory Watch”

Dear friends and colleagues.

This year we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the liberation of the Middle Don from the Nazi scum.

Our amateur radio activity takes place in two stages.

The first stage of the Little Saturn offensive was successfully conducted in December 2022. More than 40 radio amateur activists took part in it. More than 20,000 radio communications with 8,000 colleagues from around the world were conducted.

The second stage is devoted to the Ostrogozhsko-Rossoshanskaya operation, it will take place from January 12 to 27, 2023.

And at the best of times this event did not please the gentlemen from abroad, they are infuriated by the phrase “memorial watch 1943” in the comments of the cluster.

Ironically, at the same time HA-HG DX Contest is taking place, and we are here with historical facts…

1. Organizers:

Radio amateurs, members of the public association “Radio Club Bear Glade” with the support of the public association “Amateur Radio Club of Liski”, Radio Club DOSAAF Russia Ostrogozhsk, radio amateurs Borisoglebsky, Pavlovsky and Olkhovatsky areas spend their activity days “Memory Watch”, dedicated to the liberation of the Middle Don from the Nazis and their henchmen

2. The “Memory Watch” activity days are held from 00.00 MSK 12.01.2023 to 23.59 MSK 27.01.2023

All amateur bands and all authorized types of radiation are allowed.

Repeats are allowed.

3. Participants:

We invite radio amateurs around the world to participate in this event.

4. Goals and objectives of the “Memory Watch” activity days

The watch is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Ostrogozhsko-Rossoshanskaya operation and the liberation of the city of Voronezh.

5. Radio stations – activators, participants of activity days

As “activators” we invite radio amateurs – shortwave amateurs of the Voronezh region and the city of Voronezh.

Given the fact that the 309th Infantry Division was formed in Abakan, at that time, Krasnoyarsk Territory, we invite our Krasnoyarsk colleagues to participate as activists.

We invite radio amateurs of Bashkortostan as activators.

219th Infantry Division, which took part in the Ostrogozhsko-Rossoshanskaya operation, was formed in early 1942 in the village of Krasnousolsky, Bashkir ASSR, and consisted mainly of Bashkirs.

And we also invite radio amateurs of Tver region to take part as activators. The 25th Guards Rifle Division, which took part in the Ostrogozhsko-Rossoshanskaya operation, was formed in April 1942 in the Kalininskaya (Tver) region.

The number of activators is not limited. In addition to active radio amateurs living in the specified areas, will sound the call signs of amateur radio expeditions. It is assumed to use call signs with affiliation to – /mobile or /portable stations.

A prerequisite is to provide your log to the organizers for uploading.

Each unique call sign, including if a fraction is used in the call sign (e.g., UB5O/p, UB5O/m, UB5O…) counts as a different call sign.

Anyone wishing to become an activator must notify the organizing committee by e-mail to

An up-to-date list of activators will be available on the club’s website.

“Activators” should inform correspondents about their participation in “Memory Watch”. As an option, in the comments to the DX-cluster spots, write “memory watch” or “CBG memory watch”.

Registered activators are asked at least once every two days to send their LOG to the organizing committee for uploading to at

If necessary, the production and distribution of the required number of QSL cards through the QSL bureau of SRR is carried out by the activators themselves at their own expense and by their own efforts.

6. Program of activity days

No. n/a Event dates. Event.

1. 12.01.2023 – 27.01.2023 The work of activators on the air.

2. 30.01.23 – Summing up, determination of the winners

3. 31.12.2023 – Awarding the winners. Issuance of electronic certificates to participants on the club website

7. Awards and certificates.

All participants will receive electronic certificates.

Participants who are “activators” will receive a #1 certificate, and participants who are “hunters” will receive a certificate with a number that corresponds to their results.

If sponsors are available, there will be winners among participants, both “hunters” and “activators”.

The CBGLOG service is available on to organize activators and automatic download of certificates.

Logs are available for viewing to all radio amateurs, both registered on the site, and guests of the club.

Each participant at any time can see the statistics of each of the activators, and check the records loaded into the database of all participants or just his QSO, by entering your Callsign in the special query boxes.

Upon receipt of the request, the CBGLOG service checks the QSOs in the database and checks the fulfillment of the conditions of diplomas when entering the call sign of the participant. The result of the check is displayed in the form of a table.

With each new entry of any log into the service database, a tournament table of activity days is automatically generated, the task of which is to distribute places among the participants at the current time.

Certificates of participation will be available for download to all participants who met the conditions for receiving them, after the end of the entire event and the final tallying of the results.

The CBGLOG service interface is intuitive and does not require additional explanations. The rules of the service can be found on the website of the Bear Glade Radio Club.

At the end of the event and the last filling of the log in the database, tournament table is fixed and the winners are determined.

G.A. Nikolaev R5QA


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