Days of activity of sports club Crystal January 15-25, 2023

Days of activity of sports club Crystal (ARCK) January 15-25, 2023

The Days of activity are dedicated to the 32nd anniversary since the foundation of sports club Crystal (ARCK), as well as in connection with the 85th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir S. Vysotsky. Vysotsky and are co-hosted with HAMCLUB.RU and HAMLOG.ONLINE.

The ARCK call signs will be broadcast from 00-00 UTC January 15th to 23-59 UTC January 25th 2023

For radio contact with members of the Crystal club you can fulfill all the conditions of diplomas, which are issued for free from the portal HAMLOG.ONLINE and on the portal HAMCLUB.RU

Conditions for days of activity

It is necessary to make as many radio contacts with the members of the Crystal club (ARCK) as possible on different bands with different types of emissions in the period from 00-00 UTC on January 15th to 23-59 UTC on January 25th, 2023. Repeated radio calls on the same band count with a different type of radiation. All digital communications are counted as one.

Traditionally it is necessary to log and upload the QSOs at HAMLOG.ONLINE and HAMCLUB.RU and check your diplomas

There is a marathon on the HAMCLUB.RU site

Click on the MARAFONS button to see your scores

All participants of the activity days will be awarded certificates. All you need to do is make 30 QSOs with ARCK members and upload your QSOs to your personal web office.
Activity Day participants must be registered at HAMCLUB.RUThe winners of the activity days will be awarded certificates (for 1-3 places) in the following subgroups:

  1. MIXED – if two different types of signal emission. 2. CW 3. SSB 4. DIGI
  2. 160 meters.
  3. 80 meters.
  4. 40 meters.
  5. 30 meters.
  6. 20 meters.
  7. 17 meters.
  8. 15 metres.
  9. 15 metres
  10. 12 metres
  11. 10 metres.

In single-band scoring (5-13 subgroups), all ties of different type of radiation are counted.

The organizers of the activity days reserve the right to award the winners of the different subgroups with memorable prizes.

There will be additional diplomas available on the HAMCLUB.RU website for radio contacts with ARCK members.

The following new diplomas are available at HAMLOG.ONLINE:

  1. ARCK – 32 years
  2. New Year 2023 with ARCK
  3. Vladimir Vysotsky – 85
  4. Sponsor of ARCK 2023

The following conditions must be met for new diplomas: “ARCK 32 years” – establish radio communications of any kind, on any bands, with any 32 stations of ARCK members. Radio contacts for the diploma are counted from 15.01.2023. The diploma is open-ended

“New Year 2023 with ARCK” – 60 radio contacts with ARCK members on any band and with any type of radiation in Asia and Europe. The rest of the Amateur radio operators in the world – 30 QSOs. Repeated QSOs with the same station are allowed on different bands and different types of operation on the same band. Radio contacts for the diploma are counted from 01.01.2023 to 31.01.2023

“To V.S.Vysotsky – 85” – to make 85 radio contacts with ARCK members in Asia and Europe on any bands with any kind of emission. Repeated radio contacts are counted on different bands and on the same band with different kind of signal emission. The rest of the radio amateurs of the world – enough to make 15 QSOs. Diplomas are valid from 15.01.2023 to 14.01.2024

“Sponsor ARCK 2023” – it is necessary to make radio communication with radio amateurs who give sponsor help to sports club Crystal (ARCK): financial, informational, technical. To fulfill the conditions of the diploma, radio amateurs in Asia and Europe need to make radio contacts with six sponsors on any type of radiation, on any band (including WARC), the rest of the world – with three sponsors, during the period from 15.01.2023 to 31.12.2023.

List of sponsors


In order to receive a diploma, ARCK sponsors must log and upload at least 200 QSOs to HAMLOG. The list of sponsors is updated prior to the activity days.

Questions and Complaints

All questions and complaints about the activity days should be addressed to Nikolay Borisovich Polkovnikov at

If you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your question or complaint, please repeat sending it again. All emails will be answered 100%. Good passing and have a nice rest at the transceiver! A huge thanks to the sponsors who gave the club the material, informational, technical and other help

Head of ARCK – N.B.Polkovnikov – RW0UM


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