On air rare RDA KK-70 - R0BI/p

Today, September 19, 2020, Ivan R0BI plans to work on the air with R0BI/p call sign from very rare RDA KK-70.

Scheduled working time 00:00 – 12.00 UTC

Kayerkan – Norilsk city district, which had the status of the city from 1982 to 2004. It is located in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in the south of the Taimyr Peninsula, 20 kilometers west of the central district of Norilsk and connected to the last road and railroad. Kaierkan is located near the river Kaierkan (right tributary of the river Ambarnaya, the basin of the river Pyasina), from which it received its name, literally meaning in Dolganese “obstacle”, “barrier”, “obstacle”, “small hill”.

Equipment: transceivers – IC718, IC7600, matching at 7600 (just in case) – pwr 100 w.

GP antenna, on a telescopic dielectric mast. – power supply, battery + Converter from 12 to 220.

Scheduled time – arrival at 10… 11 local time, airing at 12 to 13 local time. – 7 utc. SSB 14.195.00 +/- 15, qrm. CW 14.007.0 +/- 15 qrm. Filter 0.5… 0.08, depending on the number of callers, and there will be many. It is possible to work up/dn+5/


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