Traditional XIV gathering of the far East in 2020

Traditional XIV rally of the far East in 2020

Озеро Ханка - Speak Russian language

An outdoor gathering of Radio Amateurs in the far East has been planned and will be held

14, 15, 16 Aug 2020 on the shores of Lake Khanka (near the village of Kamen ‘ -Rybolov).

The program of the meeting

On 14 August 2019, Friday:

08.00 – 24.00 Arrival and registration of participants of a meeting. Arrangement. Acquaintance. Communication. Preparation by the organizing committee of the program of the Sabbath day.
Tour the lake (by boat) and
19.00 — 20.00 open meeting of the Council of the RO CPP in the Primorsky territory.
21.30-22.30 Buffet (traditional introduction).

15 Aug 2020 year, Saturday

10.00 Solemn opening of a meeting.
10.20 the Beginning of the contests and competitions.

  1. Shooting from the pneumatic weapon (absolute offset) — (certificates, medals – RO SRR of PC, responsible RU0LM, RW0LO).
  2. Mini-test using portable VHF radios (awards: medals, letters from the RO SRR PC).
  3. Quick checkers (awards: medals, letters from the RO SRR PC).
  4. Water Polo” ( awards: medals, letters from the RO SRR PC ).
  5. Possible volleyball game 2 strong teams (for a prize (trophies), certificates will be made on the spot…)

Conditions of the competition “Water Polo” are adjusted at the venue and are approximate as follows:

Location: lake Khanka near the coastline.
Team: Two — to 5 people each.
Team captains: appointed on the spot.
Team names: invented on the spot.
The chief judge of the competition “Water Polo” – Chypenko Pavel RW0LO
The competition is “Water Polo” is divided into 2 half, approximately 5-10 minutes each (depending on water temperature), there is an interval of 15 minutes. The gates are made from plastic five-liter Bochenkov (for every gate in 2 plastic jars with these anchor weight). The height of the gate approximately 30 cm (goals you need to score above 30 cm in height). The word chief judge for scored or not scored a goal in the opponent shall be final and not subject to appeal (allowed-the replay of the controversial moment). Team form captains …

The admission of participants is carried out by team captains, the referee, and the blessing of a close person of the participant (e.g. wife). The area of the field (the water surface is determined on the spot, but not more than 25 m long and 15 m wide (it is possible to set temporary buoys on the corner).

In the competition “Water Polo” forbidden enough athletes for any part of the body, the game is the ball. Awards — each participant of the competition “Water Polo” will get a medal for first and second place.

The judge will receive a commemorative medal. Replacement is possible, but 5 medals (for each player) per team (so replacements are not welcome). The competition counted on the spot and complemented by a judge at the competition…

13.30-14.30 Lunch.
15.30 Summing-up of sporting events of the rally.
16.00 Official awarding ceremony of winners and prize-winners of competitions on radio sport on VHF and HF “Cup Finds 2019”, “championship DFO on the radio on the HF-mixture-2018”, the award from the “island Committee of the RO CPP in the Primorsky territory. Rewarding of winners and prize-winners of competitions of the rally.
17.00 photo of the participants of the rally in memory (at the end of the Ceremony).
18.00-18.40 meeting of the Council of the RO CPP in Primorsky Krai.
18.40-19.00 “Evening of questions and answers, thematic meeting with activists of the far Eastern Amateur radio movement.” Performances in the directions to prepare: EN0LM, RW0LO, RW0LD, and perhaps representatives of regions DFO…
20.30-21.30 Buffet-Banquet.

18- Aug 2019 year Sunday.

18.00 Closing of the meeting.

  • the radio station Callsign: callsigns personal RDA PK34)

Preparing for the meeting also involved:

  • the book of registration of participants of a meeting – ed. EN0LM
  • radio equipment, antenna – ed. RW0LD

Communication frequency 145.500 kHz (emergency frequency).

There are slight changes in the program of the meeting.


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