Activity Days of the club “Knights of the Sky” February 15-25, 2023 on the diploma “Deed of a Paratrooper”

Activity Days of the club "Knights of the Sky" February 15-25, 2023 on the diploma "Deed of a Paratrooper"

The club of radio amateur aviators “Knights of the Sky” from 15 to 25 February 2023. the next activity days devoted to the Day of memory of soldiers-internationalists (February 15), the Day of Defender of the Fatherland (February 23) and presents the diploma devoted to the Hero of the Soviet Union N.P.Chepik.

Nikolai Petrovich Chepik was born April 16, 1960 in the village of Bluzha, Puhovichi district, Minsk region.

With 317th Guards Parachute Regiment of the 103rd Guards Airborne Division of the Order of Lenin, Red Banner, Order of Kutuzov, Deputy Commander of engineer-sapper platoon of the Guards Senior Sergeant N.P.Chepik from December 1979 fulfilled international duty in Afghanistan The decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of April 28, 1980 for bravery and heroism in carrying out international assistance to the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan guards sergeant Nikolai Chepik was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously)

Conditions of the diploma “The feat of a paratrooper“:

Communications for the diploma are counted from February 15, 2023. The diploma is permanent. Radio contacts with amateur radio operators of all countries on the 1.8 to 28MHz and VHF bands count.

The diploma is valid until February 15, 2023

100 points required.

There are 20 points for radio contact with an honorary member of the Knights of the Sky club U4MIR.

The radio with temporary callsigns LZ21MIG, LZ78ZZ, LZ04RN receives 15 points.

QSOs with Republic of Belarus members of “Knights of the Sky”club who are from BelarusEW1D, EV6C, EW8LL, EW3FH, EW3WF, EU1XD, EW3TT, EW1EB, EW2CQ, EV6W, EU7DD, EW3ADK, EU1ZZ will count 15 points.

QSOs with members of “Knights of the Sky” will be awarded 10 points.

QSOs with radio amateurs from the Republic of Belarus will be awarded 5 points.

For the above-mentioned correspondents a multiplier is introduced for the following types of emissions:

  • CW -2
  • SSB-1,5
  • DIGI – 1

For QSOs on the 160 meter band – 1,5

Repeated QSOs with the same club member in the same day count on different bands, but on ONE band with different types of emission (all DIGI counts as one type)

Diploma is issued via and

Members of the RYTHERS OF THE SKY club receive activator diplomas during Activity Days when at least:

  • 100 QSOs – 3rd degree;
  • 200 QSO – 2nd degree;
  • 300 QSO – 1st degree.

As members of the club “FRIENDS OF THE SKY” the diploma is not issued.


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