The Moscow Radio Club holds activities on February 20-26, 2023


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In honor of the Day of the Fatherland Defender the Council of the ROO “Moscow Radio Club” has decided to make days of activity of the Moscow radio amateurs from February 20-26, 2023.

Moscow radio amateurs and members of the ROO “Moscow Radio Club”, regardless of their place of residence, who during these days will make 50 or more QSOs, will receive a memorial diploma “There is such a profession – defend the Motherland!” on the basis of the report on the work in the Days of activity.

Radio Amateurs from other regions of the Russian Federation, distant and near abroad must collect 23 points in order to receive the diploma “There is such a profession – to defend the Motherland!”

Members of the RPA “Moscow Radio Club”, regardless of their place of residence, give 10 points each. Other Moscow radio amateurs give 1 point each.

Moscow Radio Club members, regardless of their place of residence

Repeat QSOs are counted on different bands and other types of radiation.

All radio amateurs have an opportunity to fulfill the terms of the “MRC Diploma Program”.


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